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within a property's entire life cycle.





  • Valuation in buying and selling

  • Asset positioning through Management

  • Project realization

  • Specific and creative solutions

  • Process design and optimization 

  • Required consolidator specialist participants 

  • Control of the implementation by a holistic process view

  • International focus with local expertise

  • Support in the core areas of real estate investment, management and development


Project Management

… we know how important a building is for your corporate success. Therefore, we see project management not only as an exciting task, but an entrepreneurial one. 


We at DGI Real Estate see ourselves as a highly competent company in all aspects of real estate project management.

Whether you are a tenant, investor, owner or owner-occupier, we will put together the right team that completely identifies, as a service provider, with your every task.

Because of the complexity of today's building projects – whether a tenant fitting out, an extensive refurbishment project, or a complex and extensive ground-up development – the time and cost pressures as well as the constantly growing requirements of the users/tenants demand oversight, flexibility and forecasting. By putting together the individual puzzle pieces of a project, and applying our various services, we create a “building”.

Technical Building Investigation / Transaction Services

… gives you quick insight into the values specific of your properties.

Do you intend to acquire real estate, or dispose of or alter your asset or portfolio? Our building investigation, as either a quick-check or more detailed analysis, gives you the cost-effective opportunity to know the technical core elements of your property. You will also receive a detailed statement of building quality and possible shortcomings, as well as the required investment and timeline necessary to remove these flaws.

Decisions must often be made fast. Therefore, you will expediently receive from us, after a local inspection, a concise executive summary.


Controlling  / Monitoring

To control building projects independently and with broader oversight is becoming more and more important. The complexity of the contemporary construction process holds considerable risk of exceeding the projected budget (as well as suffering deadlines or quality). Furthermore, the forecasted expenses are established at the time of the concept finding and planning.

Keeping this in mind, the investment in certified and professional construction control and monitoring proves advantageous and cost effectiv for the building owner and the financing bank to solve both of these problem areas at the same time.

Moreover, from the perspective of the bank financing a project, it is important to ensure progression and construction quality and adequate control of funds used as well as approval of project progress and final payments. DGI Real Estate provides you with the suitable instruments

to continuously maintain - quasi as "Second Opinion“ -independent and genuine oversight.

Technical Asset Management

… means for us reaching or preserving protection of lasting returns, or increase of real estate property values of our clients …


Our key to success is permanent monitoring of the asset with focus not only on the building specifics, such as technology and maintenance, but also on the users/tenants.


A vicious cycle: If necessary measures or adaptations in the property are not carried out, the user's demand cannot be shown in the property any longer. The property loses its value for the tenant – he does not feel comfortable anymore… and leaves. Cash flow of the rental income begins to dwindle. The value of the property visibly declines, visually and on paper; the devaluation is unstoppable.


The vacancy of a building has fatal results; it scales down the building’s performance, and if it continues to deteriorate - usually in small and unnoticed steps - this process is irreversible or aleviated only through extensive efforts.


To "revitalise" vacancy, systematic building strategy must be implemented.


DGI Real Estate  supports and advises property owners in this task; within our scope of asset management, single properties as well as whole asset portfolios are analysed. Action strategies are worked out and implemented in the direct dialogue with the customer.

Technisches Asset Management

Project Development Management (Service)

… to us, means carrying out the project development process in focused and direct dialogue with you as our 

customer. Regarding land (as a ground-up development) as well as properties (such as refurbishment or revitalization 

and repositioning) whose use is to be optimized, we develop innovative, economically efficient, and feasible concepts. These concepts can be performed by the DGI Group alone on, on behalf of the client or in joint ventures.

Our approach is to go forward gradually in different phases:

  • Pre-Asset Assessment (of land, property)

  • Market and location analyses, scenarios of utilization and development

  • Economic efficiency calculations

  • Project realization


By request of the client, the plot or property revalued with a development concept can be marketed, or it can 

accomplished on behalf of the customer by us and/or under inclusion of proven partners. We provide all or part of the extensive spectrum of real estate development services within the scope of service contracts for real estate investors, property owners or trustees.

Energy Consultation /
Green Building Management


… sustainable construction, life cycle costs …

The world's changing climate has become an indisputable fact. We cannot entirely reverse this transformation. But we are able to slow down or limit our impact on the environment by changing our "old habits." Energy-efficient buildings are a key component to the stabilization of our world climate.

DGI Real Estate advises you in the development of sustainable strategies. Our experienced teams manage the positioning of your asset throughout its entire life cycle, starting with the investment and development phase up to asset management, maintenance and revitalization efforts with the help of the following services:

  • Green Building feasibility studies

  • GAP-Analyses for existing buildings

  • Life cycle (cost) analysis

  • Consultation in the concept and planning phase

  • Backup of sustainable aspects in the construction phase

  • Audit – implementation and steering of Green Building certifications

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